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Scars on Face

Scars on Face

Scars on face can impact your self confidence. But they do not have to! There are ways to remove a face scar with procedures and products. If you have a fresh scar that is less than 12 months old, there is a good chance that the scar will fade or disappear completely. Treatments like silicone scar gels or silicone scar sheets can improve the appearance of the scar after the wound has closed.

Mature Scars

Older scars are less likely to change without a medical procedure. For older scars on face, you can conceal them in two ways. If your scar is flat, focus on color correction of the scar so that it matches the surrounding skin tone.

How to Hide a Facial Scar

If your scar is raised or indented, then you will need to use a buildable foundation or a filler. Dermaflage is a pro concealer that eliminates the shadows caused by a face scar with a thin covering of silicone. Check out the research below and decide the best course of action. Your face will thank you!

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Dermatologist Recommendations For Scars

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