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Scar Concealer

Looking for an Instant Scar Concealer?

Scars take time to heal. Everyone wants to know how to conceal scars so they disappear. Different types of scars require different solutions:

Color Correction for Flat Scars

Acne marks or flat scars may just require color correction. You have to cancel out the red with a color corrector or use a high pigmented concealer to block the discoloration. See how to conceal scars in the scar concealer makeup tutorial by the makeup pro below.

how to conceal scars

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Surface Correction for Raised or Indented Scars

An indented accident scar, or a keloid surgery scar will require surface correction. You have to create a covering for the uneven skin, or you will see the shadow in different lighting conditions. If a scar is raised, you need to build up the area around it so there is a smooth transition to the surrounding skin. If you have an indented scar, then you need to fill in the hole so that it is flush and blends in. For indented pockmarks like the one below, pro makeup artists turn to a Scar Filler

how to conceal scars - acne pock marks

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Pro Makeup Artists’ Favorite Scar Concealer?

Pro makeup artists are tasked with creating smooth skin on a variety of skin types and they know how to conceal scars – read on below. If you have any scar concealer tips, share the love with others and leave a comment in the stories below.

using makeup to cover acne scars

Many use makeup to cover pitted acne scars and other skin imperfections. Sometimes, people focus so much on this that they forget about having fun with makeup and exploring different looks and aesthetics to boost self-esteem. Here, we provide an overview of acne scars, how you can use skincare and…

skin cancer nose scar

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk Even ladies with the most delicate features, the softest skin, and the most defined jawline can feel self-conscious when they have acne scars on their faces. But did you know that by learning how to hide a scar on your face, you can regain your confidence…

best leg makeup

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk You’ve seen Kim Kardashian put on KKW body makeup products when her psoriasis is flaring up. You’ve been inspired by Megan Fox Jennifer’s Body makeup — Dermablend leg and body makeup and Tarte Shape Tape body makeup.  Body makeup is a great way to cover everything…

Have a surgery scar that you want to cover up? Read this article to discover non-invasive procedures that can help you minimize the scar.

setting powder

What is banana powder? An awesome multi-tasker that we all need. You’ve probably heard of it, and secretly wondered what is banana powder?! Well, it’s a face powder that was originally developed by professional makeup artists as a universally flattering setting powder to diminish the look of fine lines, absorb…

green concealer

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Dermaflage Color Corrector Believe it or not, putting green concealer on your zits will hide them. You’ve probably heard about the color correcting concealer trend by now. The bright colored concealer palettes are available everywhere; from your local drug store, the isles in Sephora…

dermablend scar cover

Does Dermablend makeup cover scars as well as it claims? As the saying goes, nobody’s perfect. Yet, when it comes to beauty, many of us are trying to live up to an impossible standard of perfection, thanks to the wonder of airbrushing, filters and Photoshop. Since we can’t walk around…

Put Dog Bite Scars Under Cover with Dermaflage

Treating for Bite Wounds When a dog bite is severe enough to call for medical attention by an ER doctor, plastic surgeon, or other medical professional, the doctor will thoroughly clean the wound and then may suture it closed (which helps prevent wide or jagged scarring) or perform surgery if…

skin redness

How to cover up skin redness? We’ve got you covered with top tips to easily cover skin redness & recommendations on the best makeup that really gets the job done. Whether you need makeup for Rosacea, broken capillaries, lupus rash, wind burn or acne, skin redness can be reduced and…

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