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Viewing 7 topics - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)


Do I need sunscreen for my scars? Can I wear sunscreen and Dermaflage together?

Yes, and you should! Scars are highly susceptible to sun damage and doctors recommend sunscreen for scars to prevent further discoloration/darkening, sunburns, and irritation.  You can wear a mineral powder foundation with SPF, or an oil-free zinc sunscreen under Dermaflage.  You can also use a spray-on sunscreen on top of Dermaflage if you prefer.  The Dermaflage product family includes Made in the shade Powder Foundation with SPF 26 and ScarScreen lotion with SPF 30, both formulated specifically for scars and designed for use with Dermaflage Topical Filler.

Does Dermaflage work for raised or keloid scars?

Unfortunately, no.  Dermaflage conceals scars by filling in recessed or indented scar to "even out" the surface with the surrounding skin.  Dermaflge does not work well for raised or keloid scars because there is nothing to fill in.  Check out the Dermaflage before and after pics to see examples of the types of indented scars that can be filled and concealed. 

Can I take Dermaflage on a plane?

Yes! You can carry your Dermaflage with you on your flight--just treat it like you do all of the other liquids.  Also, the altitude does not change the composition or performance.

Why is only one side of the applicator tinted?

The most important thing to understand about Dermaflage is that it is a two-part silicone product.  The tinted silicone must mix together with the clear silicone in order for the material to change form a honey like consistency to a thin flexible film.  You cannot conceal your scar with just one side of the applicator because the silicone will not transform to the thin layer that looks and feels like real skin.

Dermaflage is translucent and allows your natural undertones to shine through, for a completely natural "real skin: look. With Dermaflage, you aren't erasing your skin tone with an opaque concealer, you're simply leveling the surface of your skin for a flawless, smooth complexion.  Read Dermaflage reviews for application tips and tricks form real users.


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