Leg Bruise Makeup

leg bruise makeup




Leg bruise makeup that lasts all day & will not rub off

The best bruise concealer makeup developed in Hollywood

Available in 2 color concealer palettes-Light/Medium & Dark & individual pots

The best bruise makeup for discoloration on the face & body.

Behind the Scenes Concealer is unlike any concealer you have ever tried because it stays put. The heavily pigmented formula covers the most challenging discoloration issues then dries to a matte finish. It is smudge, water & transfer proof- only removed with makeup remover. The pro makeup artists in Hollywood love Behind the Scenes for concealing tattoos, bruises & dark circles. No setting powder or spray needed!

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How to cover bruises- leg bruise makeup tutorial

How to Cover Bruises Tutorial

Makeup to cover bruises

Trying to cover a bruise with makeup is challenging with regular foundation or concealer because they don’t provide enough pigment for full coverage. The makeup wears off quickly and will rub off on clothes so bruises are only covered for a short time. The best makeup to cover bruises comes from Hollywood special effects because it is extremely long-wearing and looks natural.

Color Corrector for all skin tones

Our Behind the Scenes CORRECTOR palette brings you the secrets of Hollywood to your makeup bag.  Foundation is great, but there’s only so much it can do on its own. If you have hard to conceal imperfections you want to hide you’ll need to correct the problem first.  Correcting means using a color opposite from the problem in order to cancel it out. Fix color with color!

Peach & Dark Peach: cancels dark discoloration Green: neutralizes redness Purple: balances out dull, yellow undertones. Learn more about how to apply color corrector here.

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How is Behind the Scenes bruise makeup different?

Your search for how to cover bruises is over. Look no further. The best full coverage concealer for all discolored imperfections is finally available to the average person. Behind the Scenes bruise makeup comes out of Hollywood special effects- it is what the pros use to cover bruises and tattoos in the movies. We have brought that professional strength formulation to you in this unique 5-color concealer palette that lets you mix tones for the perfect match.

Color Corrector

Blocks bruises, dark circles, tattoos

Green blocks red

Peach blocks grey

Purple blocks yellow

Wear under your foundation

Moisturizing formula for sensitive skin

Full Coverage Concealer

Non-greasy, dry matte finish

Completely smudge proof

High pigment for concealing

Water resistant


For all skin types

Cruelty free