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ice pick scars



Ice Pick Scars are narrow and deep cylindrical depressions in the skin that appear like the skin has been punctured by an ice pick tool. Yikes! These scars are often the result of cystic acne that becomes infected. They are difficult to treat because of their depth. Don’t despair! You have options. 


This before after picture from Genna shows how Dermaflage creates a topical covering to hide scars on her cheek. Watch this video to hear Genna’s story about how she has dealt with her cystic acne scars and why Dermaflage was a good solution for her.


More Resources on Ice Pick Scars

We have collected some articles below that review products for acne scars with comments from dermatologists and makeup artists. If you are interested in procedures for ice pick scars, then check out these Acne Scar Treatments. If you are looking for an affordable and save concealment solution, Dermaflage is a topical filler that can conceal ice pick scars.

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