Concealer Kit

The Concealer Starter Kit includes a 30 day supply of the best product for acne scars, surgical scars and frown lines. Each kit comes with everything you need to apply Dermaflage. Get smooth skin instantly with a Hollywood secret specially made for you!

Best Scar Cream

Silicone Scar Cream has been proven to reduce the appearance of scars, by reducing the discoloration and roughness of scars. This formula was designed by a plastic surgeon who found 4 active ingredients that work better than all other scar products. 

Scar Treatment Kit

This kit combines 3 treatments proven to remove scars. The Fruit Exfoliator removes dead skin cells, the Scar Cream improves the appearance of the scar, and Silicone Scar Sheets smooth the scar so that it blends into the surrounding skin.

Mineral Powder Foundation with 26SPF

This premium blend of natural mineral powder is the best foundation for concealing acne scars, surgery scars, or skin cancer. The lightweight formula helps conceal discoloration, but it won’t clog pores. 

best treatment for acne scars
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Dermaflage for professionals




Other products claim to be the best treatment for acne scars and other indented flaws, but only Dermaflage provides instant scar coverage that looks and feels like real skin.  Inspired by the expertise of Hollywood’s special effects makeup pros, Dermaflage makes these techniques super simple for anyone to use.  No longer Hollywood’s best kept beauty secret, Dermaflage is an affordable, needle-free, “second skin” way to hide acne scars and deep frown lines without relying on heavy makeup, scar removal surgery, scar creams that promise miracles or acne scar products that may take months to show results.

  • The Dermaflage Difference.  Unlike the other scar products on the market, Dermaflage Topical Filler uses medical-grade silicone to temporarily fill in and “resurface” the uneven skin caused by acne scars and other types of surgery scars, frown lines, and even piercing holes to give the illusion of making your flaws disappear.  Its ability to mimic the look and feel of real skin is what makes Dermaflage stand out among even the best products for scars and frown lines.
  • Disover the Better Way To Hide Scars. Forget about heavy concealers that cake or wear off before your day is done.  Dermaflage is a complexion-perfecting innovation that takes camouflage makeup to a whole new level, with a translucent formula that lets your natural skin pigment show though, and creates the texture of real skin with an ingenious pad that’s used as the last step before the silicone sets- a process that takes under 3 minutes, start to finish.
  • Coverage You Can Count On.  Dermaflage raises the bar on lasting power and provides up to 24 hours of waterproof, smudge-proof, undetectable coverage without the inconvenience of touch-ups or reapplications.

Why Wait?  Try Dermaflage to experience the instant flaw-fix and instant confidence boost that lets you Put Your Best Face Forward. Shop our life-changing products above.