Tattoo Makeup

tattoo makeup



Tattoo makeup that lasts all day & will not rub off

The best tattoo cover up makeup developed in Hollywood

No setting powder or spray needed

The tattoo makeup that will not rub off.

Behind the Scenes Concealer is unlike any tattoo concealer you have ever tried because it stays put. The heavily pigmented formula covers the darkest tattoos then dries to a matte finish. It is smudge, water & transfer proof- only removed with makeup remover. The pro makeup artists in Hollywood love Behind the Scenes for concealing tattoos on their actors!. No setting powder or spray needed!

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How to Cover a Tattoo with Makeup

Introducing the best tattoo makeup brought to you from the Hollywood professionals, a special effects formulation modified for the everyday person. Ever wondered how they cover the actors tattoos so well in the movies? Well, now you know! It’s simple, fast & stays in place because it dries matte- no tackiness & smudge proof!

What is it?

A tattoo coverup makeup set with a 3 color palette for a perfect color match & the secret weapon- red to block out the darkest tattoos. Waterproof tattoo makeup used to cover tattoos all day. This set is the best makeup to cover tattoos because it does the job right & will not rub off.

Why is it different?

Want to know the secret? Block out the really dark ink with a bright red first! This kit comes with a pot of red to make this super-easy.

Super-pigmented so that a little bit does the job. It dries to a matte finish that does not smudge, rub off or come off on clothes- it stays in place until you take it off with makeup remover. Unlike other tattoo cover up, it’s just 1-step, there is no setting powder or spray needed for it to last 12+ hours. Paraben & gluten free.

Tattoo Makeup