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Our Company Mission

We work hard everyday to help people feel great about themselves again.

The Dermaflage Philosophy

If you have an imperfection that limits your self-confidence- conceal it! There is no vanity in doing something that helps you feel your best. We need you. The World needs you.

The Dermaflage Promise

We make it right. We have a free color match exchange & a Money-Back Guarantee.


Dermaflage is a little different from your average cosmetic. And we are OK with that!

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions below. You can also send us a note below or call us at 901-654-3499 or toll-free at 1-855-228-4022.  We take a break on the weekends!  However, all inquiries submitted between Friday & Sunday will be answered on Monday.

Where can I buy Dermaflage in stores?

Click here to see the full list of Dermaflage retailers.

How do I select my color?

Click here to see our tone selection chart.  Select the tone that you think would match you best.  If you receive your kit and the color is not an exact match, send us an email to [email protected] & we'll send you a new tone free of charge. 

If you are still unsure of which tone to select, you can send a photo of yourself in good lighting to [email protected] and we can help you decide which color would be the best match for you. 

Do you offer samples?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer samples of Dermaflage because it is a multi-step application process.  However, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee so that you can try our product risk-free.

Will Dermaflage work for my type of scar?

Dermaflage is a translucent, topical "filler" so it is intended to fill in indentations in the skin.  

It is typically not a good solution for concealing:

  • Flat scars
  • Discoloration (vitiligo, birth marks, bruising, severe redness, etc.)
  • Skin irritation issues such as eczema, skin infections, blisters, pimples, etc.
  • Wrinkles around the mouth or close to they eyes (due to the high muscle movement of the area. 

How do I exchange my tone?

We offer a free tone replacement for all first time customers (in the U.S.). Just send us an email to [email protected] and let us know which tone you would like to try next and we will get your replacement out ASAP.

International friends-unfortunately, we are unable to offer you the free tone exchange due to shipping costs but if you'll send us an email to [email protected] we can give you a discount code for a new applicator.

Do I need Dermaflage or Scarology for my scar?

If you are trying to hide/cover a scar, you need the Dermaflage Concealer Kit (it will come with everything you need to apply the product).

If you are trying to treat/heal your scar, you need the Scarology Treatment Kit.  Scarology is a 3 step system that improves the appearance of scars over time.

Do I need the extended wear primer?

As of 2015, the primer is now included in the actual Dermaflage formula so it is not a necessity for most customers.  However, if you have very oily skin or spend a lot of time in the water, extreme heat, etc. you might consider using the primer to ensure good adhesion.

Do you have a discount code I can use?

The best way to receive discounts is to sign up for our email list (we send out all kinds of great offers:)).

We also offer exclusive deals on our Social Media channels so be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest! @dermaflage 

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